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A range of innovatively designed and highly effective respiratory aids, that are best companions of your health.
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About Us

One of the most common problems encountered by medical professionals around the world is the difficulty in administering the requisite medicines in a patient's body system, when there is an oral constraint like respiratory path damage or severe food pipe malfunction. This is why the need for an alternative was sought, and thus Nebulizers came into being, which are now used primarily for administering medical drugs via a mist or atomized method, which then travels to the lungs and dissolves into the blood stream, that makes it highly effective and a quick response method. Established in 2009, LFS Medical Limited has been a recognized name in the medical and related health accessories sector, owing to its range of highly efficient and durable medical utility wares. We are an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Distributor of an extensive array of medical utility equipments that include, but are not limited to, Atomized Liquid, Portable Ultrasonic Nebuliser, Pocket Nebulizer and Respiratory Care Devices. 

Range of Products

We offer an extensive range of  respiratory aid equipments and medicine administering tools, that come in a diverse array of size and features, to choose from in order to suit the specific needs:
  • Nebulizers-
    • Air 360+ Nebulizers
    • Mini Air 360+ Nebulizers
    • A5 Nebulizers
    • Mini Air 360+A Nebulizers
    • Air Angel Nebulizers
    • A2 Nebulizers
    • A6 Nebulizers
    • A7 Nebulizers
    • A9 Nebulizers
    • Portable Ultrasonic Nebuliser
    • Pocket Nebulizers
    • Travel Size Nebulizers
    • Vibrating Mesh Nebulizers
    • Home Care Nebulizers 
  • Other Products-
    • Nasal Spray Liquid
    • Eye Spray Liquid
    • Atomized Liquid
    • Respiratory Care Device
Quality Assurance

The foremost priority of our business operation strategy, is our relentless focus on quality and innovative features that are to be incorporated into our range of products. To realize this, we have  designed a number of utility centric Nebulizers, for which we hold a total of six industrial patents owing to their unique configuration and operational technique, like liquid atomizing and dispensing apparatus. Furthermore, our range of wares are made of high quality fiber and other synthetic polymers to offer superior strength and durability, all the while boasting an excellent performance to price ratio.

Nebulizers-  Utility Scenario

The primary reason as to why Nebulizers are brought to use in place conventional medicine administering methods is to increase the effectiveness of the medicine in the respiratory tract, especially is the disease to be treated is related to the respiratory system. Utilizing their medication in form of liquid solutions, a  umber of methods are utilized for converting it into mist like pressure-displacement process in the soft mist inhaler or the laser drilled hole mist mechanism in the vibrating mesh Nebulizers.